2020 ISB Virtual Annual Meeting - Thursday, July 23rd Webcast Only Bundle

The Idaho State Bar is offering its Annual Meeting CLE programs virtually via live webcast on July 23rd and 24th.  All courses will be credited as in-person or live credit. 

By purchasing this  THURSDAY WEBCAST ONLY BUNDLE you will have access to every CLE session offered on Thursday, July 23rd of the Annual Meeting.  There is one time slot at 1:30 pm (MT) where you will have two options of CLE sessions to attend.  You will choose which CLE session to attend at the time the CLE program begins.  There are a total of 6.0 CLE credits available for Thursday.

The Idaho State Bar will track your attendance for each course for purposes of CLE credit.  You will not have to submit your credit via the online platform.

There will be a limited number of spots available to attend the CLE sessions in person on a first come, first serve basis.  All CLEs will be held at Concordia University School of Law.  All in-person events will require attendees to follow social distancing guidelines and to wear a face covering. 

You can register to attend individual courses in person online.  If you wish to purchase a bundle of all courses for all day Thursday, all day Friday or all day for both days for IN PERSON ATTENDANCE, please contact Courtnie Hovley at chovely@isb.idaho.gov or 208-334-4500.

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Included Content
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LIVE ANNUAL MEETING WEBCAST: Ethical Guidance for Cyber-Crime Prevention and Response - CLE Session 1Live Webcast
LIVE ANNUAL MEETING WEBCAST: 2020 Election - What to watch for this year (Lawyer's Version) - CLE Session 2Live Webcast
LIVE ANNUAL MEETING WEBCAST: Violence in the Legal Profession: A Study of Idaho and our Colleagues Nationwide - CLE Session 3 (Breakout 1)Live Webcast
LIVE ANNUAL MEETING WEBCAST: Ten Things All Idaho Lawyers Should Know About Indian Law and Business or Murder? The U.S. Supreme Court and Herrera v. Wyoming - CLE Session 3 (Breakout 2) Live Webcast
LIVE ANNUAL MEETING WEBCAST: Lessons from the Masters - CLE Session 4Live Webcast